It wasn’t until 2005 that diamonds were found in England for the very first time. Kevin Pietersen, a brilliant young batsman who bats right-handed, has taken the world of international cricket by storm with his unconventional playing style and batting. Pietersen is a right-handed batter. According to icc world twenty20 news, before he emerged on the scene, batting had already established itself as a thing of beauty, and he was just as stylish as he was good-looking. Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive acts that he has ever carried out, shall we?

  • 2005 Fifth Test Match –

The highest acclaim is saved for an English player who emerges victorious from the ashes of their competition. Because KP achieved the maximum possible score on the sixth test, he has been given the distinction of being the top performer. Two of the matches between the English and Australian teams both ended in a tie. Both sides played a total of three games. He was responsible for driving 158 runs in the bottom of the second inning while also throwing 187 pitches. This goal turned out to be a critical determinant in the eventual outcome of the match. As a direct result of this victory, Pietersen solidified his position as a national hero and secured a berth on the national squad. In addition, he was awarded the Man of the Match award.

  • 2010 Ashes Second Test –

Pietersen found great satisfaction in racking up big scores against their long-standing rivals, Australia. The Australian team scored 245 runs during their first innings of the match. After that, Kevin smashed an incredible 227 runs off of 308 balls. Alastair Cook, who contributed 148 runs, provided support for him. The final score was 71 for English and 0 for Spanish.

  • 2012 Second Test Against India –

The test series that England was playing in India resulted in a loss for them in the first game. Pietersen provided a morale boost for his squad with an outstanding knock, which eventually resulted in the team winning the test. KP’s performance of 186 runs in his first innings was a response to India’s first innings total of 327 runs. He did it by displaying his superb shot selection. It should not come as a surprise that England came out on top.

  • 2010 T20 Final Against Australia –

In this match, England had a lot to prove to their opponents. When it came to tournaments held by the ICC, its opponents were always victorious. But things went in the other direction for England, as they emerged triumphant this time around. Kevin Pietersen’s effort was deserving of applause since he scored 47 runs off of just 31 balls.

  • 2012 3rd ODI Against Pakistan –

In the match between England and Pakistan, it was already three o’clock, and England was winning. The 222 runs that England scored were the most by any side in the match. Kevin scored 111 runs and was still not out when the game ended. In a nutshell, he was to blame for fifty percent of the runs that were scored. The total was increased by Alastair Cook’s contribution of 80 runs. Pietersen was deemed the most valuable player of the match.

  • 2005 ODI Against South Africa –

However, he was treated to the jeering and booing of the South African fans, who thought him to be a pretentious traitor for playing for England even though he was born in that nation. Even though he was born in England, he chose to play for England. Despite this, he was able to keep his attention and play the game well despite the distractions. It was a flawless performance at the crease for him, as he scored 108 runs off of only 56 balls to add to England’s total score of 270. Despite the efforts of Herschelle Gibbs and Jacques Kallis, both of whom batted for South Africa, they were unable to prevent their team from losing by one run.

  • 2012 Fourth ODI Against Pakistan –

Pakistan was Pietersen’s other favorite team to compete against in cricket. Nothing gave him the sense of accomplishment that he needed quite like belting home runs against them. Even though PAK scored 239 runs, it was not enough to compete with KP’s incredible 130 off of 153. He had a great deal of success, thanks in large part to the support of captain Alastair Cook. PAK seemed to be suffering from a case of “Deja Vu” from their last match.

  • 2006 Test Match Against Australia –

KP always rose to the occasion when the stakes were the greatest, as when they were playing Australia. England, as was to be anticipated, came out on the losing end. Nevertheless, this is regarded to be one of the most spectacular strikes that KP has ever delivered. Even though the bowling lineup was at its greatest, he was still able to get 158 runs. In competition with bowlers of the caliber of Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne, he displayed a fine touch with the bat. He uses his exquisite strokes to counterbalance the opponent’s spin and pace, which demonstrates his skill as a player.

  • 2012 Test Match Against Sri Lanka –

The man considers this to be one of the innings in which he has the most fun playing. During their first innings, Sri Lanka amassed a total of 227 runs. Pietersen scored 151 runs, which contributed to his team’s total of 460 runs as they were chasing England’s score. As a result of this, he was recognized as the game’s most valuable player and given the award.

  • 2010 League Match Against Deccan Chargers –

In the third season of the Indian Premier League, Kevin Pietersen participated in the competition on behalf of the Delhi Daredevils. The Chargers were able to score 157 runs in only 20 overs. Pietersen hit 103 runs without losing a wicket, which shattered any aspirations they had of winning the match. Once Pietersen gets into his groove, no one can stop him.

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