If you are looking for the best glass bottle wholesalers, look no further. You’ll be glad you did.

These glass bottle manufacturers are known to provide top-quality products at competitive prices. Their customer care support is also available around the clock.

Xuzhou Shanli Artware

Xuzhou Shanli Artware is one of the most reputable glass bottle manufacturers in China. They produce a wide range of products including jars and wine bottles, among others.

They also offer customized services to meet your needs. They will help you create an innovative design that will set your brand apart from the competition.

They specialize in glass jars and bottles. Their products include a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing them to be used for any kind of product. They have a wide array of colors available, ranging from flint to clear and amber. They are also very affordable. They provide fast delivery, which is why they are a great choice for anyone looking for a custom glass bottle. They can even provide you with a sample to review before production begins!

Hualian Glass Bottle Factory

Hualian Glass Bottle Factory specializes in manufacturing high-quality glass containers. They produce a variety of bottles and offer customization services. They also conduct extensive quality control throughout the production process.

They have a large manufacturing facility that includes a 5-axis simultaneous machining center, mold machining centers, and CNC lathes. They are also equipped with a high-quality technical team that can provide assistance during the manufacturing process.

Located in Xuzhou, China, Hualian Glass Bottle Factory produces glass products for a wide range of industries. They specialize in pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic glass packaging products. get a quote about glass bottles.

They offer a variety of products that are available in various colors and designs. They also offer customization services and can work with you to develop a custom design for your business.


The CRYSTAL is one of the most elegant, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly glass bottles on the market. Designed to be refillable and reusable, these bottles are also a green alternative to plastic bottled beverages.

The bottle itself is made of high-density borosilicate glass, which is thermal shock resistant and non-toxic, lead-free, and chemically unreactive. It is also the clearest, most luminous bottle on the planet.

The CRYSTAL comes with a stainless steel base which can be unscrewed to facilitate cleaning by hand and dishwasher use. The bottle also boasts a few other interesting features. The most notable are the Silk Touch cap, which is a must-have for any glass bottle aficionado, and the crystal-filled chamber, which – when topped off with the crystal of the month – has to be seen to be believed.

Unipack Glass

Unipack Glass is a leading supplier of custom-made bottles for beer, wine, spirits, food, non-alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Founded in 1980, they offer exclusive and high-quality glass bottles for your product.

Their facility has an installed capacity of 2,280 tons daily and produces a variety of colors including amber, green, flint, and super flint. They can also create unique designs for their customers’ products.

Their glass bottles are durable, hygienic, and non-toxic. They can be made to meet your specific specifications, which makes them ideal for food packaging.

Shanghai Vista Packaging Co.

Shanghai Vista Packaging Co is a leading manufacturer of glass bottles and jars for the beverage industry. They produce bottles for a variety of products, including liquor and spirits. The company is committed to providing customers with top-quality products and excellent service. They have a strong customer base that spans the globe, including IBTC, Radico Khaitan, Allied Blenders and Tanduay Distillers. In order to deliver on this promise, Vista Packaging needed a reliable, agile and cost effective logistics partner to support their operations. Sealand helped them achieve this with a custom supply chain management solution, including airfreight services. This streamlined the company’s processes and allowed them to focus on their core business activities and customers, while Sealand handled all of their logistics. Moreover, Sealand provided them with guaranteed loading space and specialized equipment, all for a transparent, fixed and stable cost for both ocean and local transport.


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